01 junio 2012

Smash Up!!!, le toca el turno a los Dinosaurios.

En los avances que nos van ofreciendo los chicos de AEG, sobre el juego Smash Up!!!,esta vez le toca el turno a la facción de los dinosaurios.
Unas cuantas ilustraciones de las cartas, nos servirán para ir abriendo boca de lo que nos puede ofrecer este juego, que por otro lado, todavía no se como pillar y si realmente valdrá la pena, una vez visto el resultado final.

Join us this week on Natural World, as we look back at some of the greatest beasts to ever roam the earth: The Dinosaurs with Laser Beams and the occasional thermo-nuclear bomb.

War Raptor

Easily one of the most intelligent of the Dinosaurs, the War Raptor knew how to work as a team to achieve dominance. Given the dinosaurs’ reliance on sheer power, the ability of smaller ones to achieve synergy provided much needed strength. Clever girl…

Armor Stego

For the herbivores, the introduction of even greater weaponry for the carnivores meant an escalating arms race of defense vs offense. The Stegosaurus sought refuge under increasing levels of defense, causing fits for his enemies.


Little is known about where the dinosaurs first received their new technology. Did it naturally evolve? Did a human from the future bring it to the past? Pardon? No, no sir, please stop shaking your hands and saying “ALIENS!” And please do get a haircut…

Natural Selection

Despite their increased technology and destructive capabilities, the law of the jungle still remained with the dinosaurs: Only the strong survive. But my how a bomb makes one much stronger than normal…
As you can see the Dinosaurs in Smash Up are all about massive Power. Not a great deal of finesse, but paired with any other faction they bring high values to the table in different ways, and ultimately, power wins Bases.
Join us Friday as more Dinosaurs (with lasers) stomp onto the scene!
All Dinosaurs carefully chiseled onto cave walls by Saliym McCullin.

We return to this episode of Natural World, with a continued look at the Dinosaurs, with laser beams and rockets…

A rather brash and violent creature, the Laseratops could be as much a danger to her own herd as to her enemies.
King Rex

The mighty King Rex, top of the food chain. A clear example that overwhelming power needs no subtlety. King Rex dealt not in tricks or deception, but in pure, overwhelming power.

The corythosaurus was well known for it’s mighty booming call. Specialized audio equipment made this into a potent battlefield communication device.

Power unrelenting, the dinosaurs with laser beams had an incalculable number of devices at their disposal, each more destructive than the last.
We hope you have enjoyed this episode of Natural World, with Dr. Nigel Hibbenpotts. Let us hope that mankind never has the audacity to find a remote island paradise and use it to recreate these massive beasts from samples of DNA. That would be silly after all.
Join us next week when the Aliens land on our site!
All Dinosaurs carefully chiseled onto cave walls by Saliym McCullin.

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