02 febrero 2013

FFG anuncia expansión para Elder Sign.

Hace algunos días  que los chicos de FFG, han anunciado la primera expansión, para este juego de dados, que tuvo mejor suerte, en su versión para dispositivos móviles, que para mesa.
Unssen Forces, es el nombre de la expansión, que viene ha ofrecer nuevos dados y nuevas opciones, para enriquecer el juego básico  Aun la excelente puesta en escena, no es un juego que vea, en mi grupo habitual.

Prompted by some preserving instinct of self-defense, I broke through the spell that had hitherto held me immovable, and flung my now dying torch at the creature who menaced my existence. [...]When at last my senses returned, all was frightfully dark, and my mind remembering what had occurred, shrank from the idea of beholding more; yet curiosity overmastered all. [...]The dread of years was lifted off my shoulders, for I knew that he whom I had felled was the source of all my danger from the curse; and now that I was free, I burned with the desire to learn more of the sinister thing which had haunted my line for centuries, and made of my own youth one long-continued nightmare.
H.P. Lovecraft, The Alchemist
Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce Unseen Forces, the first expansion for Elder Sign, the cooperative dice game of Lovecraftian horror. The museum harbors artifacts that draw the attention of horrible beings, and the unfathomable wills of these creatures make themselves known in the form of blessings and curses. New Ancient Ones, monsters, and investigators accompany the introduction of these powers, and the entrance of the museum has been remodeled, adding new locations and options for the beleaguered investigators.
A Blessing and a Curse
Countless mysteries confront the investigators, and they cannot hope to comprehend the wills at work in this conflict. These forces may choose to help or hinder humans who dabble in the arcane mysteries of the universe. In Unseen Forces, blessings may fall on a lucky investigator, or a curse can confound those who are not careful.
New dice represent the whims of these powers from beyond. A white die is added to the dice pool of players who have been blessed, and investigators suffering from a cursed condition must roll the black die. The white die gives the blessed investigator an extra icon to work with to complete his tasks. The black die forces a player to discard one die in his pool that matches its icon when rolled.
Blessings and curses are generally gained by completing or failing adventures, but you could be cursed by a particularly horrible monster or an unlucky mythos effect as well. The museum is fraught with eldritch energies that can lead to success or horrifying ruin, and wise investigators will seek out blessings and avoid curses as best they can in order to survive.
Choices and Challenges
The entrance to the museum has undergone an overhaul, and Unseen Forces introduces four Entrance Cards to be used in place of the Entrance Reference Sheet. The new Entrance options give investigators more ways to spend their turn if they’d rather not attempt an adventure. The four new spaces give players a chance to spend their trophies in new ways, but beware, the Mythos deck contains cards that can shutter these locations for the rest of the game.
Sealing the Entrance cards is just one of the new surprises that the Mythos deck has in store in Unseen Forces. Master Mythos cards have been introduced as an additional way to increase the challenges that your investigators face. These cards have a red background and feature even more devastating effects that may be leveled against the dogged investigators as they struggle to stop the rise of an Ancient One.
Through their long and sanity-straining struggles, the investigators have managed to gain a modicum of knowledge regarding the inner-workings of the Mythos. This increased familiarity with the arcane is represented by the new Mythos Insight Icon, which gives the players a choice as to which mythos effect their investigators will suffer.
New Horrors, Little Hope
Despite this small gain in their knowledge of eldritch beings, the universe still harbors a vast variety of horrors. Four new Ancient Ones have begun to stir, and each brings a unique and harrowing challenge to the museum. Though these creatures pose an incredible threat the future of mankind, eight new investigators have also entered the fray, lending an extra bit of hope to the struggle.
Among those who will newly venture into the museum is Diana Stanley, a former member of the Silver Twilight Lodge. Diana opened her small shop in Arkham with the hope of finding a real sense of community her new home. Diana became a member of the Chamber of Commerce and joined the Women’s League with an eye towards fitting in. Shortly thereafter, she was invited to join the Silver Twilight Lodge, an elite Arkham club. Diana eagerly signed on immediately, only to find that the Lodge was not what it seemed. Far from a simple social club, the Silver Twilight Lodge was truly a cult with horrifying plans to summon an Ancient One into this world. Diana has been plagued by unspeakable nightmares due to the things she’s seen, and she has determined that she must stop the cult at all costs. Having advanced to the second rank of the Order, Diana Stanley knows more of the occult than she’d like, but she’s willing to make use of her experience to stop the Ancient One’s rise. When Diana defeats a monster, she gains one clue token.
More Adventure and Other World cards bring fresh terrors to the struggle. New Spells, Allies, and Common and Rare items add still more of an edge to the investigators. Perhaps this world will survive after all...
All of these challenges and more await the investigators as they work to protect the world from the unspeakable horrors that stir beneath the earth or hail from the formless reaches beyond our reality. Blessings and curses abound, the entrance has undergone remodeling, and the threats to be faced have increased in difficulty. Do you have what it takes to brave Unseen Forces and survive with your brain and body intact? Learn more at the Unseen Forces website, and check back soon for previews of Unseen Forces, and look for the expansion’s release next quarter!

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