25 julio 2013

FFG ofrece el reglamento de Planet Steam.

Para aquellos que no tengáis problemas con el inglés y estáis interesados en los pormenores, que puede ofrecernos el juego Planet Steam, FFG nos ofrece el reglamento, para que podamos hacernos una idea de que nos puede ofrecer, este juego de gestión, en un ambiente Steampunk.

Power tanks rise over the land, their hulking, chugging masses working at drawing resources straight from the earth. Airships fly through the steamy air, transporting men, parts, and resources to and from the big cities. At the resource terminal, prices flutter back and forth as quartz and energy are bought and sold and bought again. Above it all, certain figures loom: the Airship Captain, the Bank Agent, and Lady Steam herself. Everyone’s out for credits, but in the end, only one prospector is going to be king of Planet Steam
Gather the Resources You Need
In a steampunk future, everything can hinge on the investment of a few credits. In Planet Steam, two to five players become eager prospectors, hoping to make their fortunes in a land rich with resources. Players must place their tanks skillfully, and attach the appropriate converters in order to gather the resources they need from the land. By buying and selling quartz, ore, energy, and water, and carefully monitoring the resource terminal, one player can rise supreme over the boomtown that has sprung up on Planet Steam.
In our previews, we’ve been able to examine the mechanics of claiming zones and placing power tanks, as well as the complex interplay between supply and demand on the resource terminal. We've also taken a look at the experts available for hire. Now, any remaining questions you may have can be answered. Curious about superchargers? Want to know how airships function? Look no further; step right up!The rules for Planet Steam (pdf, 4.4 MB) are now posted on the support page.
Planet Steam, a game of cutthroat commerce and resource management in a steampunk future, will be flying into local retailers and our webstore soon!

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