18 septiembre 2013

Road Kill, juego de minis al estilo Madmax en kickstarter.

Road Kill, es un juego de minis táctico, ambientado en un futuro post-apocalíptico, muy al estilo de las pelis de Mad Max.
El proyecto es bastante original y se encuentra en fase de kickstarter, faltan unos 25 días y se encuentran en la mitad del objetivo, veremos si lo consiguen.

Road/Kill is the tabletop miniatures strategy game where horsepower meets firepower! For 2-5 players, it can be played in under 1 hour.

Check out our YouTube channel to watch some play-tests! http://www.youtube.com/user/InfinityGateCom/videos
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Road/Kill Ultimate Car Combat gets featured by Crowdfund Insider as one of "Six cool projects from Kickstarter Canada's First Day"!
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Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

We see three major areas which are challenging and do present some risk;
1. Producing Awesome Minis
Cool battle minis are what drive an awesome car-combat game. We need high quality minis or our mission to put out the best game possible will fail. You don’t want a game with cardboard counters; it’s 2013 and we’ve all been there, done that. What we all want is a game that brings car combat to life.That means sweet looking futuristic custom cars loaded with the guns’n’gear you choose.Making customizable quality minis is not easy and this is a big risk.It’s not something we can do in-house so requires us to search out the most trustworthy suppliers and build strong relationships with them.This doesn’t happen overnight.
2. Making a kick-ass game
It may sound cart before the horse, but in our experience, it’s the minis that get you and then the game keeps you.Luckily this one can be done in-house but, it is a long process of trial and error, and there’s no substitute for playtest. A lot of it. As good as our minis will look, this is the part that gets us to the next edition or not.For us to succeed, YOU need to be part of the process.To that end, when we make target we will release the beta rules to our backers at Reward #6 and higher.We will welcome your feedback and suggest playtest sessions for you to follow along at home, right up until it’s time to ship.Together, we can make this great!
3. Timing
Although we have developed a lot of graphics, prototypes and component specifications, much work is still required to finalize and polish these to be worthy of a quality packaged product.This will mean multiple iterations back and forth with our new suppliers before we have a final version that we think is worthy of your pledge.We know from experience that this process can take a lot of time.For this reason we have set our delivery dates 6 months out.Timing is always a risk for development of new products and we are trying to mitigate this by assuming a six month lead-time validated by our suppliers.Rest assured we will be providing our backers with regular updates on our progress because we are committed to keeping within our timelines without compromising on quality.


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