27 diciembre 2013

FFG ofrece el reglamento de Diskwars.

Pues después de varias píldoras informativas, explicándonos, como funcionan y que alegrías nos ofrecen las distintas facciones en disputa del juego, ahora tenemos disponible para descargar en pdf, en perfecto inglés, el reglamento de este curioso juego táctico, ambientado en el universo de Warhammer Fantasy.
Excelente oportunidad para ver más concretamente, si este experimento, puede gustarnos o no.

“The world of Warhammer is a land torn asunder by strife and conflict. From the high mountains to the deep jungles, armies march to the beat of drums and blowing horns, beneath a canopy of fluttering banners and gleaming standards.”
It’s time to sharpen your blades and shore up your defenses… Warhammer: Diskwars arrives at retailers later this week!
In our series of previews, we’ve explored the game’s unique rules for movement and melee combat, we’ve taken a look at the wide range of tactical options presented by the game’s ranged attacks and unique disk abilities, and we’ve explored how players make decisions at the beginning of each scenario that greatly impact the course of their games. In addition, we’ve looked at the game’s rules for army building and reviewed the units available to each of the four races appearing in the Core Set: the EmpireOrcsHigh Elves, and Chaos.
A Potent Manuscript Awaits You
Now, as the hordes of Chaos march across the Old World’s bloody battlefields, it’s time for you to decide whether you’ll join them or stand against them. But whatever decision you make, you’ll want to know what lies in store. To that end, we’re allowing you to access the game’s most potent manuscript. The Warhammer: Diskwars core rules (pdf, 16.4 MB) are now available for download from the game’s support page.
Will the knowledge in these rules aid you in your defense against the onslaught of Orcs and Chaos? Or will they bring you under the sway of the Ruinous Powers, much as Necrodomo’s blasphemous manuscripts forever changed Archaon the Everchosen? There’s only one way to know: you have to read them…
Download the Warhammer: Diskwars rules today, and prepare for battle!

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