22 enero 2014

AEG Love Letter versión Legend of the Five Rings.

AEG informa que ya esta disponible la variante del sencillo y adictivo juego de cartas Love Letter, en versión inspirada en La leyenda de los cinco anillos.
Desde la web de AEG tenemos disponible el reglamento, para ver que nos ofrece esta opción de juego, más allá del cambio de ambientación.

A vision of loveliness and poise, Iweko Miaka’s position of princess in the Imperial family ensures her betrothal will be a great contest for the samurai clans of the Emerald Empire.  Whichever clan can winer has a wife for one of their young samurai will secure standing and glory for decades to come.  And though the marriage may be political, what better way to influence the decision than by winning the heart of the princess herself?

Love Letter has become a worldwide hit with its simple yet deep gameplay. With only 16 cards, it contains hours of fun for everyone as you attempt to win the heart of the beautiful princess, while preventing your challengers from doing the same!
Love Letter – Legend of the Five Rings is based on AEG’s original Love Letter rules and features the compelling art and characters of the L5R universe.

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