31 marzo 2014

Capes and Villans empieza su andadura en Kickstarter

Capes & Villains es un juego que combina cartas y dados, para ofrecernos una ambientación de súper-héroes originales, que inicia su particular periplo por kickstarter.
No es la primera vez que los súper-héroes pasan a formar parte de un juego de mesa, otros con más o menos éxito, también lo han intentado.
Aunque un tanto desigual en las ilustraciones, el juego no parece tener mal aspecto, veremos como les va.

1-5 Player Card and Dice Game with Capes and Villains in the heat of battle, or joining forces against something even more epic.

 In Capes and Villains, you are already in the heat of the battle. There are no preparation or equipment phases, no pre-planning or gradual movement into battle. Nope, you are there, getting your cape tightened around your neck or dishing out the pain yourself. Gameplay should seem a bit crazy and even spontaneous at times, but believe us when we say that under the mask is actually a lot of strategy. 

To find that out more about these characters and their storylines, please check out our website at: www.shingogames.com

Types Of Cards

Capes and Villains have various types of cards. Character Cards, Attack Cards, Defense Cards, Super Moves, and Tactic Cards.

Gameplay is pretty straight forward. 

  • You and your opponent draw 6 cards. 
  • Whomever is first, will begin their turn on the offense while the opponent reacts and defends. All players roll 5 die. The values are "Burst Energy" that you can use or store up.
  • The first player plays an attack card faced up.
  • The opponent may choose to defend and places a defense card faced up.
  • At this time, both players can assign one of their burst energy die to their move to add more momentum to their attack or defense. (Assigning dice is hidden from opponent via the Strategy Blinds). As well, Tactic Cards and Character Abilities may be played.
  • "The Big Reveal" has you and your opponent revealing if there are any burst energy dice assigned, at the same time and damage is assigned or negated.
  • The attacker keeps attacking to up to 5 attacks. Their turn ends, then they are on the defensive while their opponent attacks.
  • A new round beings when both players play their turn.
  • Character cards have special abilities that require a combination of dice which you can save (or "charge") until the next round to unleash. 
  • There are many tactics and super moves in the game that will change the order of cards, dice values, damage distribution, and even "Stun" dice so they cannot be played a turn or two. There are many combos and a surprisingly deeper strategic element to this game once you really become your Cape or Villain!
Hmmm....Sound like a garbled mess? Check out full Gameplay Rules Here:(Gameplay Video to come this week!)

Like a Challenge?

Capes and Villains offer a unique 2 vs 1 or 3 vs 1 mode where the 1 is not your average villain, but a SUPER VILLAIN. How does that work? On the back of your character card, there is that character's "Overpower" mode. Basically, think of it as they got a hold of a lot of power and went nuts. 
When someone plays a Super Villain, they use an Overpower Dice and whenever they roll for accuracy, they also roll to see what Overpower attack they do as well. This move, if it isn't a dud, will effect all players who stand against them. Each character is different. Likewise, some of the character's regular cards have alternate overpower abilities on them.

May you be a Cape or Villain at heart, "The time is now."

The Universe depends on our teamwork to band together for something greater than even the Overpower.... Unlocking Stretch Goals!

Want some other cool Capes and Villain stuff to add a dimension to the current gameplay? 

Who We Are

Shingo Games is a new company that consists of Henry, Alex, and Noelia, a group of longtime gamers and comic book fanatics, along with a brilliant team of artists, graphic designers, and of course, game developers.
The methodology of Shingo Games is to bring high quality production plus gameplay together, building on the growing intelligence and creativity in the tabletop gaming industry.
Shingo Games is based in Dallas, TX.
Check us out online at: www.shingogames.com
Board Game Geek: 

Why Kickstarter?

Capes and Villains has been vigorously playtested this past year and all of the cards are complete. What we're missing is the awesome artwork that makes this game really shine. Fortunately, we have a lineup of talented and very excited artists who are ready to get started. The characters and cards you see on this Kickstarter are their awesome works of art. With funding, we will start art production immediately and following, produce your game and rewards quickly through our professional manufacturing and distribution vendors. We're looking forward to bringing our world to you! 

Represent your Cape or Villain!

Here are a few avatars to wear proudly among the masses in Kickstarter and beyond!

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

This is the debut of Shingo Games and our first game to be produced in the indstry. Because of this, there will be always be a bit of skeptism in the back of everyones' mind as to whether we will produce/deliver on time and with a high caliber of components. Being long time gamers, Kickstarter backers, and having a background in print/marketing production, we hold a high value for quality and integrity over convenience. We will strive to produce the best we can with our long-term production partners and give backers what they really care about... a great game!

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