30 abril 2014

FFG nos presenta el E-Wing.

El hangar del juego X-Wing, va creciendo y ahora el toca el turno al caza E-Wing.
En el avance que nos ofrecen los chicos de FFG, veremos las excelencias de este y que nos puede ofrecer, en el campo de batalla.
Veremos cual sera el futuro de este juego, pues cada vez van quedando menos naves (si no deciden meterse en los episodios I,II,III).

“You know impossible is what Rogue Squadron does best of all.”
    –Corran Horn
The E-wing from the E-Wing Expansion Pack for X-Wing excels at a number of things that are impossible for other starfighters.

A 360-degree view of the E-wing.
  • The E-wing is the only starfighter that combines the ability to equip both an Astromech Droid and a system upgrade, permitting such defensive combinations as an R7 Astromech partnered with the Sensor Jammer upgrade from the Lambda-class Shuttle Expansion Pack, or opening the way for the tricks permitted by combining Advanced Sensors with R7-T1.
  • Because the E-wing has a base agility value of “3” and the option to equip an Astromech Droid upgrade, it’s also the only starfighter in the game capable of ramping up to an agility value of “5” through the use of both the Stealth Device modification (from the Slave I Expansion Pack) and the R2-F2Astromech Droid. Against an opponent firing at your E-wing from Range “3,” that’s six defense dice!
  • Along with the B-wing, the E-wing is the only Rebel starfighter to feature the barrel roll action in its action bar, which combines well with the Advanced Sensors upgrade and permits the starfighter an astonishing range of potential movement each turn. Unlike the B-wing, though, the E-wing has a maneuver dial with more green maneuvers than red ones. As a result, E-wing pilots with high pilot skill values and good ideas about how best to use their actions and maneuvers should be able to Outmaneuver their foes each round and line up clear shots.
  • Finally, when it’s piloted by Corran Horn, the E-wing is the only starfighter that can perform an attack in the End phase.
Of course, these are only a few examples of the different ways the E-wing may carve out its own, unique niche within the fast-paced space battles of X-Wing!
Built to Adapt
Developed by FreiTek Inc. to combine the best elements of both the X-wing and A-wing, the E-wing easily stands among the Rebellion’s fastest, toughest, nimblest, and most versatile starfighters.
In X-Wing, the E-wing is one of the Rebel Alliance’s most customizable and adaptable starfighters. It can equip astromech, torpedo, and system upgrades, and it can make excellent use of several different modifications. This means that you can outfit your E-wing to perform almost any role. It also means that, as with the TIE defender, you could easily outfit your E-wing with so many upgrades that it becomes a ship that soaks up too many of your available squad points for too little value.
For example, Corran Horn is a great pilot. Still, if he were to splurge on his E-wing, adding Flechette Torpedoes, R7-T1, Outmaneuver, Advanced Sensors, and a Shield Upgrade modification (from the Millennium Falcon Expansion pack), you’d gain a pilot capable of darting through enemy starfighters and closing in for the kill, but he’d also cost you fifty squad points, fully half of your squad.
As with any ship in X-Wing, the key to flying the E-wing is to understand how it will function within your squad.
  • Because his ability allows him to attack twice in the same round, Corran Horn excels at getting in close for the kill and finishing off his opponents with one or more shots fired at Range “1,” and a squad designed to take advantage of his talents might focus on restricting enemy flight paths, perhaps through the use of Ion tokens.
  • Alternatively, you could attempt to isolate enemy starfighters by threatening to eliminate tightly clustered ships with a few shots from Assault Missiles loaded onto your Z-95 Headhunters, and then as your opponent’s ships scatter, Corran Horn could zip in and gun them down, one by one. His ability makes him one of the best targets in the game for a Fire Control System and the Marksmanship elite pilot talent upgrade, as the Fire Control System will generate a target lock for his attack in the End phase while the effects of Marksmanship will also carry over from the Combat phase into the End phase.
  • Conversely, you plan to win initiative with a squad that features aKnave Squadron Pilot, and you could fly him into your enemy’s flight paths early in the Activation phase to limit your opponent’s maneuvers and actions. Moreover, if he were upgraded with R2-F2 and a Sensor Jammer, your Knave Squadron Pilot should survive the initial volleys of enemy fire in order to block enemy flight paths for a good number of rounds to follow.
  • Any Rebel pilot looking for the services of a good wingman ought to consider recruiting Etahn A’baht to his cause. Whether he maneuvers to outflank his foes or simply flies in formation with his squadmates, Etahn A’baht can help his squadmates convert regular hits to critical hits, making him a valuable component in any squad designed to generate uncancellable hits for Ten Numb or cripple enemy forces with a swarm of Z-95 Headhunters seeking to blind enemy pilots, disable secondary weapons, or even destroy enemy ships outright with Direct Hit! after Direct Hit!
  • You could also decide to avoid squad formations and tactics, favoring a dogfighting strategy in which you simply fly each of your ships individually. Here, once again, the E-wing’s strong combat statistics, upgrades, and adaptability serve it admirably and lend tremendous strength and flexibility to the Rebel cause.
Take the Helm
Few starfighters invite as much creative squad-building exploration as the E-wing; the options are almost endless.

How will you outfit and make use of your E-wing? Head to your local retailer today to pre-order your copy, then visit ourcommunity forums to share your thoughts and join the ongoing squad-building exercises!

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