23 agosto 2011

FFG nos muestra un vídeo de Elder Signs.

Hoy FFG, nos muestra un espectacular vídeo de Elder Sign, en donde podemos ver más o menos como funcionará su mecánica.
A esto, si nos hemos leído, aunque sea por encima las reglas en ingles, tenemos una visión global bastante exacta, de los que nos ofrecerá el juego.
Personalmente, me parece un juego exquisitamente realizado en cuestión de componentes (como casi todos los de FFG), pero creo que es un tira dados, no se, si con alma o sin alma, pero que básicamente se trata de eso, tirar dados he intentar ir solucionando tareas.
Yo no soy muy aficionado a esas mecánicas, por lo que seguramente se cae de mi wishlist. (mejor, pues vienen un buen montón de juegos)

Never was a sane man more dangerously close to the arcana of basic entity–never was an organic brain nearer to utter annihilation in the chaos that transcends form and force and symmetry.
   –H.P. Lovecraft, “The Whisperer in Darkness”
The gates to beyond stretch open further than ever, and the museum holds horrible secrets in store for the few brave investigators who recognize the terrifying reality of the Ancient One’s approach!
Recently, we posted the rules for Elder Sign. Now you can take a deeper look at the maddening confrontations with monsters and non-Euclidian geographies of alien terrain this quick dice game holds in store.
Madness at first sight
Players in Elder Sign assume the roles of investigators racing to prevent the Ancient One from entering the world through gates from other dimensions. As the time to doomsday dwindles, investigators desperately hunt for Elder Signs, the potent eldritch symbols needed to close the gates and seal the Ancient One away forever.
Should they fail, the Ancient One’s elder might threatens to reduce all humanity to cinders.
Witness the beginning of the end times investigators must prevent in our Elder Sign video (QuickTime, 57.4 MB).

Also available on YouTube and the FFG Media Player
Truths no mind was meant to hold
Steel your nerves for the journey ahead of you. Monsters, eldritch terrors, and portals to other realms await you among the museum’s exhibits and arcane relics. The Clock is ticking, midnight approaches, and there is no time left to lose in the all-important race for Elder Signs!
Assemble your investigators, coordinate your talents, take inventory of your resources, and prepare to make use of every clue you can find. Elder Sign is coming.

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