07 octubre 2011

FFG ofrece un mini avance para la nueva expansión de Mansions of Madness.

Poquita cosa nos ofrece en este caso FFG, en relación a la publicitada nueva expansión para su juego de horror cósmico Mansions of Madness.

Los seguidores del juego ya saben, que es es la primera que nos ofrecerá nuevas losetas de mansión, así como nuevos investigadores y monstruos.

El anuncio de la publicación fue muy bien recibido por la comunidad, a diferencia de las dos primeras, que solo ofrecían nuevas cartas.

En este avance, algo nos muestran sobre las nuevas cartas de combate y un poquito sobre los investigadores.

Carolyn Fern dwells in the minds of others. Using a complex form of hypnosis, she studies the psychology of her patients through their dreams. Through this practice, she has seen and heard many disturbing things, but nothing prepared her for her most recent patient, Malachi. Following one of their more vivid and troublesome discussions of his dreams, Malachi was brutally murdered. As if that weren’t terrible enough, he was murdered with an ornate knife that he had described in one of his dreams. After hearing this news, Carolyn began reviewing her old notes concerning Malachi, anxious to find some kind of clue as to who he really was. Her research has finally led her to Arkham Asylum, where Malachi was once an inmate. Surely she will be able to find some answers here.
Last month, we announced the upcoming release of Forbidden Alchemy, an expansion that brings never-before-seen horrors to your Mansions of Madness experience. With new investigators, monster types, stories, and much more, Forbidden Alchemyexplores the terrifying possibilities of science gone mad.
Last time, we took a look at intrepid photographer Darrell Simmons, as well as the horrific and winged byakhee. Today, we’ll psychoanalyze Arkham Asylum’s Doctor Carolyn Fern, and see how her mastery of the human psyche can help keep fellow investigators from losing their minds.
Tell me about your mother...
A gifted psychologist with a healthy respect for the inner workings of the human mind, Carolyn Fern is perfectly suited to keeping loose cannons like Michael McGlen tied to reality. With a whopping twelve sanity and a willpower rating of six or seven (depending on your choices during setup), she’s not easily shaken. But as you might expect with a stuffy academic-type, her physical attributes leave something to be desired... and she doesn’t much believe in luck.
Nevertheless, Carolyn’s true value lies in her special abilities. By staging an impromptu intervention, she can convince a fellow investigator to control his otherwise Uncontrollable Urges. And armed with the latest techniques in hypnosis, she can get to the root of what’s bothering her patients, though what she learns might keep her up at night. Dr. Fern also carries the latest treatments for a range of pathologies. Her Studies on Hysteria textbook can help bring relief to troubled minds... and if that doesn’t work, she’s always ready to write a .25 caliber prescription for pain.
Face your fears
You might just need the iron will of characters like Carolyn Fern, since Forbidden Alchemy introduces so much more to be scared of. Its new Combat cards introduce a range of interesting effects that reach beyond mere attribute tests, and in some cases, the amount of horror you’ve accumulated can directly impede your success. As a raving maniac charges you with an axe, can you clear your mind of the terrible things you’ve witnessed long enough to aim your weapon? And as you take cover in a chest, hiding from an otherworldly abomination, can you control your panic until it leaves the room?
With plenty of inventive new mechanical uses for your character’s attributes, remaining health and sanity, and even proximity to allies, Forbidden Alchemy keeps players guessing while introducing engaging new narrative elements. Keep checking back for previews in the coming weeks, and look for it on store shelves later this quarter!

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