22 diciembre 2011

FFG ofrece en descarga reglas Brotherhood without Banners.

Después del aluvión inicial, de expansiones para el juego táctico Battle of Westeros la cosa parece que se a calmado un poco.
Hace tiempo que sabemos que la última expansión para este juego se llamará Brotherhood Without Banners o lo que podría traducirse como la Hermandad sin Estandartes.
A pocos días, para que salga a la venta en USA, los que no podáis esperar a su publicación al castellano, o simplemente, tengáis curiosidad para ver que nos ofrece de nuevo al juego básico, tenéis listas para descargar las reglas en ingles.

As the armies of Westeros raise their banners and sound their trumpets once again, new troops join the struggle for power, but these new warriors do not march under any banner, but rather for their own interests. Brotherhood Without Banners is the newest expansion for Battles of Westeros, and the rules for this forthcoming expansion are now available for online download (pdf, 4.8 MB) on the support page. Get the rules and prepare for a new set of engagements.
Raise no flag
Brotherhood Without Banners introduces three powerful new heroes. Beric Dondarrion inspires local peasants to join the battle, Thoros of Myr raises fallen soldiers to fight again, and Anguy unleashes a deadly salvo of arrows that can wipe out entire units. The heroes of this expansion are sure to be noteworthy additions to the Battles of Westeros game.
In addition to the heroes, Brotherhood Without Banners introduces many other new features. Three new units, the Knights of the Hollow Hill, Lightning Lord’s Longbowmen, and True King’s Outlaws join the conflict. Since these units are truly without banners, they are activated in a new way. Brotherhood tokens are used to control the new units instead of the traditional Leadership cards. Moreover, new keyword abilities, battle plans, and skirmish cards round out the Brotherhood Without Bannerssupplement.
With so many new characters, rules, and scenarios, this expansion offers plenty to be excited about. Get the rulebook now and start reading. Be sure to read the previous Brotherhood Without Banners preview, and keep checking in for future information. Brotherhood Without Banners will be available in the next few weeks, so get to your retailer and pre-order this Battles of Westeros expansion.

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