01 marzo 2012

FFG anuncia nueva expansión para Dust Tactics.

Una de las más recientes noticias sorpresa, publicadas por Edge, fue la intención  de publicar al castellano, el juego Dust Tactics.
Desconozco si se trata de un juego que tiene un buen numero de seguidores detrás, y ni si Edge, se comprometerá, en traernos también las expansiones que se vayan publicando en USA.
En todo caso, los chicos de FFG, ya han anunciado una nueva expansión que introducirá nuevos elementos del lado Soviético.

No other nation in the world has endured as much punishment. No other bloc has suffered as many casualties, destroyed lands, or plundered resources. But now it’s 1947, and with this new year comes a new dawn. This is the year of the SSU, the Red Tide that will engulf the whole world.
      -Operation “Zverograd” rulebook
As the arrival of Operation “Zverograd” nears, Dust Tactics players no doubt want to know more about this new campaign expansion. Throughout a series of previews over the coming weeks, you can explore all of the exciting new features of this operation, starting with a closer look at Koshka and her walker “Grand’ma.” This pairing represents the first hero for the SSU and also the first hero that pilots a walker in Dust Tactics.
The bravest of warriors
SMERSH agent Captain Koshka Rudinova is a legendary figure in the SSU. Joining the Red Cadets at the tender age of 15, she has been promoted to a position where she commands her own regiment. Adept in close combat, and also skilled with ranged weapons, Koshka has unnaturally fine piloting skills when operating “Grand’ma.” While rumors of a romantic involvement between Koshka and a certain Allied captain remain persistent, the fact remains that Koshka is one of the finest soldiers in the SSU army.
“Grand’ma” is a standard KV47 Walker that has been modified to Koshka’s specifications. Instead of the usual twin weapon configuration, “Grand’ma” is equipped with a VK-916 Howitzer and a Sulfur Jet, giving the vehicle flexibility in any combat situation. Another feature of this walker is the familiar Assault ability, which temporarily increases its speed, a useful addition whether attacking at close range, or just maneuvering into an optimal firing location.
While piloting “Grand’ma,” Koshka has many options on how to attack the enemy. In particular, her Fighting Spiritability allows her to, once per game and only after moving, treat hits as misses and misses as hits. A player must declare they are using this ability before making an attack roll. For example, when she uses Fighting Spirit, she treats one hit and three miss results as three hits and one miss. Obviously this is a most valuable ability, but she can only use it while piloting her walker, so you’ll want to make sure you use this powerful ability before it’s too late.
Should “Grand’ma” be destroyed during a game, Koshka carries on by herself. Armed with a Grenade Pistol that ignores cover values, she can still prove to be a thorn in the opponent’s side.

Click to see the "Grand'ma" unit card
Koshka is a potent first hero for the SSU forces, and soon she will be able to lead an entire SSU battle force. Check back regularly for more previews of the newest Dust Tactics campaign expansion Operation “Zverograd” and the other upcoming SSU releases. Operation “Zverograd” and the SSU expansions Airborne TransportKV47 WalkerSSU Close Combat SquadSSU Battle Squad, and SSU Command Squad will be released simultaneously in the second quarter, so be sure to pre-order these items from your retailer so you can field your own SSU army.
Don’t forget to submit your walker creations to the Dust Tactics Walker Conversion Contest. The lucky winners of this contest will have their creation made into a production model available from www.dust-models.com!

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