10 mayo 2012

FFG ofrece las reglas en descarga de Infiltration.

Para todos aquellos, que tengáis la curiosidad de saber como funcionara este nuevo DeckBuilder en el universo Android, creado por Mr, Donald X. Vaccarino (Kingdoms, Dominion), tiene hoy FFG pone a nuestra disposición, listo para descargar, el reglamento.
Eso si, en perfecto inglés, pero al menos puede ser útil para hacernos una idea, de que podemos esperar del juego.

You needn’t break into a secure corporate facility or bypass online countermeasures to download the rules for Infiltration (pdf, 11.8 MB); they’re now available on our support page!
Set in the dystopian future of Android, Infiltration is a tense card game of futuristic larceny by by Donald X. Vaccarino (Dominion, Kingdom Builder). In it, two to six players take the roles of thieves, competing to steal valuable secrets from a highly secured corporate facility.
The most vital information lies deep within the complex, but each step inward takes you farther from escape. Worse yet, corporate mercenaries are closing in! How long will you push your luck as you avoid security patrols, surpass rival thieves, and try to download the most data before the building is locked down?
Information is Key
A successful heist requires meticulous planning. Download the rules today to familiarize yourself with the CyberSolutions facility, then pre-order Infiltration from your local retailer!

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