26 mayo 2012

Mas facciones para Smash Up!!!, esta vez, los Duendes

Nueva remesa de información, de este curioso juego, que todavía no se, como debo planteármelo.
Estas últimas semanas, los chicos de AEG van presentando, las diversas facciones que poblaran su nuevo juego de cartas Smash Up!!!, del que prometen una mecánica revolucionaria, en el concepto de juegos de cartas.
Veremos si todo eso, será cierto, de momento, hoy le toca el turno a la facción de los duendes.

And again to the land of the little people. Smash Up is pleased to share with you more of the Tricksters and their wily ways.


The wee Gnome, a fine lad to have the garden, and a tricky fellow against your enemies.

If there is to be a leader of this group, would be the leprechaun. His tricks can be naughty, or deadly, depending on the need of the day.

At times one needs to avoid being seen, and despite rumors to the contrary, we are the true masters of not being seen…
Flame Trap

It’s magically deee-angerous! Some serious destructive power added to the arsenal of the Tricksters this week, but the real strength comes from the difficult choices the opponent is forced to make when playing against them.
Join us next week as the Dinosaurs (with lasers) stomp onto the scene!
All Tricksters painted by Pierre Raveneau. We hear they took his paint after he was done…

Hello there laddy, and welcome to the land of the little people. What? This bag of coins was yours? Surely not, one such as yourself wouldn’t need such things, couldn’t have been yours…


Ah the Gremlin, a fine little fellow, even working after most folk would think him dead. And best of all, we can feed him after midnight all we want!

The Brownie, a fairly angry and aggressive little fellow, he loses his temper even if someone should look at him funny.
Pay the Piper

What’s that? No it isn’t stealing… it’s… a new tax. That makes it legitimate, right?
Mark of Sleep

Shush now, we have things we be needing to get done, and your presence, while welcome for the gold you carry in your pockets, is not truly needed. As you can see, the Tricksters make it quite difficult to defeat them. Can you power through their traps, or strategically outplay them on other cities? Playing against them is quite a challenge.
Join us Friday for more of the Tricksters.
All Tricksters painted by Pierre Raveneau. We hear they took his paint after he was done…

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