25 junio 2013

Asmodee anuncia Dungeon Twister The Card Game

La editorial Asmodee nos anuncia su intención de presentar en el gen-con de este mes de agosto, la versión en cartas, de su famoso juego Dungeon Twister.
Poco ha trascendido sobre el, más que un par de imágenes, por lo que deberemos esperar hasta el mes citado, para saber más.
Esperemos que las próximas semanas se vayan revelando detalles y podamos hacernos una idea y si esta puede ser interesante.
Veremos como va todo.

dungeon twister card gameGame designer Christophe Boelinger has announced the upcoming release of Dungeon Twister The Card Game – based upon the successful Asmodee dungeon crawler series, Dungeon Twister.
As a matter fact Ludically (along with Jean Charles Mourey) was putting the final touches and finishes on our last new game coming this August for the Gen-Con 2013 in Indiannapolis. Naming : Dungeon Twister, The Card Game !
The game is scheduled to come out in Europe and the US mid August. It contains everything needed to play a 2 player game of Dungeon Twister, with only cards !!!!
And you will be able to build your team chosing between a large array of characters and objects. Needless to say that this box by itself offers lots of possibilities, like if you owned a few boxes of DT expansions.
But best of it all, each deck per player could fit in your jacket pocket. Now you’ll be able to play DT almost anywhere !!!

Some news will pop up on the internet all along this summer about this new project arriving, and I myself will send you some news and images once or twice until the game hits the shelves.

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