06 junio 2013

FFG anuncia nueva expansión para Cosmic Encounter.

Los chicos de FFG, nos anuncian la que sera la cuarta expansión para Cosmic Encounter.
Me consta que el juego tiene una larga lista de seguidores que estarán contentos con la noticia.
La expansión viene con un buen puñado de nuevas razas, que en las próximas semanas iremos viendo, en forma de píldoras informativas.

Across the vast expanse of the cosmos, strange quakes and startling explosions make the galaxy an even more dangerous place to wage war. New alien races are making themselves known in the interstellar clash for control. Set up space stations to boost your skills, then prepare for galactic disturbances and more epic encounters than ever before.
Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce Cosmic Storm, the fourth expansion for Cosmic Encounter! This new addition sets the galaxy trembling as twenty-five new alien races come zipping through the cosmos. Guard yourself against the sticky-fingered Swindler, and stand in awe of the massive appetite of the Mouth.
Cosmic Storm also adds space stations, which when attached to one of your home planets, gives you additional powers to use in your encounters!
Batten Down the Hatches
Prepare for the upcoming galactic turmoil by setting up a space station on one of your home planets. This variant allows each player to draw one of ten space station cards and then attach the corresponding space station to one of their home worlds. Each of the ten stations has a unique ability that can be harnessed as long as a player has at least one ship on the planet the station is attached to.
Space station abilities like the Big Space Laser or the Alien Outpost shake up interstellar encounters, and provide even more options for players to maximize their options on their quest for galactic supremacy!
Space stations are also compatible with all previous expansion variants, so no rules have to be changed to include them.
Meet the Bulwarks
The toughness of the Bulwarks is legendary. They think nothing of facing overwhelming odds or throwing themselves into the thick of battle, knowing they have the ability to endure nearly any hardship. The Bulwarks can also be as thick-headed as they are thick-skinned.
The Bulwarks are just one of twenty-five new alien races bursting into the galaxy and entering the chase to become ruler of the cosmos. Incredibly tough and strong, the Bulwarks are widely known for theirResilience, a power which allows them to withstand even the most brutal battles.
With the help of this power, any time a Bulwark would lose ships to the warp, they can reduce the number of ships lost to one, making them incredibly difficult to defeat.

Brace yourself for the upcoming Cosmic Storm! Equip your home world with a space station, choose your alien race, and prepare for the strange and exciting altercations that can only occur in Cosmic Encounter! Meanwhile, keep checking back here for more news aboutCosmic Storm!

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