04 junio 2013

FFG ofrece el reglamento de Unseen Forces

Los chicos de FFG, nos ofrecen hoy, el reglamento para descargar, de la que será la primera expansión para el juego de dados Arkhamnianos, Elder Sign.
La expansión que se llamará Unseen forces, nos ofrecerá alguna mecánica diferente, acompañada de nuevos dados.

Unseen Forces, an expansion for Elder Sign, brings a fresh challenge to the efforts of the investigators. The museum harbors artifacts that draw the attention of horrible beings, and the unfathomable wills of these creatures make themselves known in the form of blessings and curses. New Ancient Ones, monsters, and investigators accompany the introduction of these powers, and the entrance of the museum has been remodeled, adding new locations and options for the beleaguered investigators.
Over the past several weeks, we have explored the new additions to the mysterious museum in a series of in-depth previews of Unseen Forces. Now, with the release just a few weeks away, we are pleased to present your guide to the museum, in the form of the full rules. After downloading them (pdf, 4.2 MB) at our support page, get ready to face the horrors that lurk within the museum’s exhibits.
Tempt Fate with Master Mythos and Mythos Insight Cards
Already unpredictable, Mythos cards have gained a few dangerous new twists. Nine new Master Mythos cards deliver wicked effects from especially malignant forces when the clock strikes midnight. The Time Slips Away . . . Amid the Stillness card requires investigators to resolve midnight effects again with a second Mythos card. The A Warning . . . Of Grave Danger Master Mythos card adds the doom token penalty to every adventure attempted for the rest of that day.
The Mythos Insight icon gives investigators a peek into the dreadful schemes of the powers-that-be, and then forces them to choose between the lesser of two evil effects. The Wrack . . . Or Ruin card with the Mythos Insight icon forces a choice between the loss of stamina or sanity, while the Haste . . . Or Waste Mythos Insight card could result in the clock being advanced three times, or one doom token being added to the doom track. The choices are yours, and humanity’s fate relies on you choosing wisely.
Mythos Insight Icon
More Adventure and Other World cards present even more difficult tasks for investigators, while new Spells, Allies, Common, and Rare items wait to be picked up in the shadowy corners of the museum. Perhaps this world will survive after all . . .  
As investigators work to protect the world from the unspeakable horrors that stir beneath the earth or hail from the formless reaches beyond our reality, blessings and curses abound, and the threats to be faced have increased in difficulty. Do you have what it takes to brave Unseen Forces and survive with your brain and body intact? Find out whenElder Sign: Unseen Forces is released in the next few weeks.

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