18 noviembre 2013

Wizkids anuncia versión de Quarriors para IOS.

Wizkids anuncia para noviembre, versión para IOS del famoso juego de dados Quarriors.
Ciertamente las imágenes pintan excelentes, como usuario de Android, no puedo más que mostrar mi envidia sana y desear un pronta versión, para los dispositivos del robot.

Calling all Quarriors!!!
Quarriors! is a unique blend of strategy and chance featuring a revolutionary dice building game mechanic! As a Quarrior! – a mighty mystical warrior – only you have the power to capture dangerous quarry from the untamed wilds! But your rivals plot against you! They will send their own Creatures and Spells to destroy your Quarry before you can deliver them to Empress Quiana and claim your reward!
Summon your Creatures and protect them from your foes and you will earn Glory for yourself. The first player to earn enough Glory will be hailed as the Champion of the Empress. Deck building strategy without the tedium of shuffling!
iOS Features:
  • Full and faithful transliteration of the original dice building board game ‘Quarriors!’ by Mike Elliot and Eric M. Lang.
  • Single player and 2 to 4 player online and offline Multiplayer and Pass-n-play action!
  • Full tutorial included.
  • Automatic scoring and rules enforcement.
  • Challenging strategic gameplay.
  • Immersive sounds, art and engaging
Check out these screen shots! (click on images to enlarge)
photo 01
photo 05
photo 011

Releasing in November 2013, the Quarriors! iOS app will support single play, multiplayer play (2 to 4 players) as well as asynchronous play! Get ready to explore the Wilds and achieve Glory as never before – in the digital arena!

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