24 diciembre 2010

Nuevo juego de construcción de mazos con ambientación vampirica, Nightfall

A una semana de terminar el año, Alderac nos informa que presentará para febrero del 2011, su nuevo juego de construcción de mazos al estilo Dominion, o mejor dicho al estilo de otro juego de la casa, concretamente ThunderStone.
Poca cosa nos muestran en su página web, pero el juego tiene buena pinta, y si te gusta este tipo de ambientaciones más.
Si te interesa sigue leyendo...

Alderac Entertainment Group knows card games. They brought you multiple hits during the CCG era, including Legend of the Five Rings, Doomtown, and Warlord, and now, right on the heels of the hit deck-builder Thunderstone, AEG brings you the first true direct-damage deck-building game. Nightfall takes the deck-building genre out of multi-player solitaire and into the realm of building a deck to attack your opponents while fending off all threats, thus ensuring your control over the night.
To kick off Nightfall, AEG is doing one of the boldest promotions in board game history: The First 100 Days. During The First 100 Days, players will have the opportunity to submit their name and contact information to AEG.
Every day from January 1 through April 10 one name will be drawn to receive a free preview set of Nightfall in a special collector’s box! Not only that, but hundreds of retailers will also receive the preview so players can try the game out well before it goes on sale. Fill in your information below for your chance to win!

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