18 agosto 2011

Nueva expansión para Thunderstone y juego para IPAD e Android.

AEG informa, que ya tenemos nueva expansión para el deckbuilder ThunderStone, se llamará Heart of Doom.
Parece que esta nueva expansión, es un poco más pequeña que las anteriores y parece que variará algunas mecánicas y dinámicas del juego básico.
En la continuación del enlace tenéis el contenido de la misma.
Ademas, AEG también aprovecha para anunciar una versión del juego para IPAD, Android y Facebook.
Me alegro que cada vez más, salgan este tipo de juego para todas las plantaformas y no se quede solo en su variante IPAD.
Supongo que a medida que se vayan aposentando los nuevos tablets con Android, veremos más ports de juegos creados inicialmente para IPAD.

Heart of Doom

On Sale in October!
For years heroes have roamed the world searching for the legendary Thunderstones. Now, with seven in hand, the heroes must find the final stone of legend, to seal away the destructive entity known only as Doom. With the location of the eighth stone still unknown, he has begun to appear in the world. Time has run out, the heroes must face Doom on his terms!
Thunderstone: Heart of Doom brings to a climax the battle that has been building since the first release! Heart of Doom introduces all new heroes, village cards, and new monsters to challenge your deck-building skills!
Heart of Doom also features the battle with Doom, including a special scenario to bring war to the ultimate evil!
Set in the village of Artera, new dynamics and mechanics ooze from every aspect of the game, in much the same way that a sinister evil oozes from the nearby swamp. The village and the corrosive nature of the surroundings mean that everything is not as it seems, even once trusted villagers may be your enemy, monsters bring new dimensions to the Dungeon and the party is set up for field promotions and new ways of acquiring experience and equipment to fight their way to Doom.
It is a village and dungeon where the wary adventurer can easily fall prey to a bad decision, but the bold, brave and bright can find new ways to level up and fight evil at its Heart.
Will you survive to defeat Doom?


Seven New Heroes
Thirteen New Village Cards
Five New Monster Groups
Card Dividers

Heart of Doom Previews

Heart of Doom previews will begin in September. Heart of Doom will be on sale October 2011.

Thunderstone coming to Social Network and Mobile Devices

San Diego, CA – August 15th, 2011 – Zabu Studio, Inc. a developer of Facebook and mobile games, and Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), publishers of the award winning Legend of the Five Rings, today announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership to bring their best selling Thunderstone franchise to the Facebook, iOS, and Android platforms.
“AEG’s Thunderstone property is one of the best of breed in the new genre of deck building games, with engaging play and a strong theme”, said Milton Soong, CEO of Zabu Studio, Inc. “Beginning with our first business proposal, AEG and Zabu Studio, inc. shared a similar vision regarding taking this property to the digital realm.”
Todd Rowland, Director of Marketing for AEG adds, “Thunderstone has been greatly enjoyed by many board gamers since its release in 2009.  We are excited to work with Zabu to bring Thunderstone to multiple platforms, which will open the game up to broad range of new fans.”
Thunderstone Online will offer a custom designed campaign mode where the player will start as a humble villager, then battle his way through different challenges and to unlock more and more village cards. There will also be a single player skirmish mode where the player can battle the AI with all the cards in his disposal. Multiplayer mode will also be offered (both online synchronous and asynchronous). The base offering will be free to play, and players may pay for additional expansion packs which will include new cards and campaigns.
About Zabu Studio, Inc.
Zabu Studio, Inc is an angel funded game studio whose mission is to bring the best offline games to the digital world of social networks and mobile platforms. The Zabu team has many years of experience working in the technology sector and the gaming industry in Silicon Valley. They are also game fanatics who are passionate about games of all types, be it traditional video games, or tradition board games. For more information, please contact pr@zabustudio.com .

About AEG
Alderac Entertainment Group is a publisher of role-playing game and collectible card game products. Formed in 1993, AEG has roots in hobby gaming magazines (winning the Origins Awards for Best Professional Gaming Magazine in 1994, 1995, and 1996) and has published the Legend of the Five Rings, and its associated CCG and RPG lines for the last 15 years. In 2009, AEG entered the board games market with 10 new board game releases.

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