05 agosto 2014

Mantic anuncia nuevo kickstarter. Dungeon Saga.

Acaba de arrancar el nuevo kicktarter de Mantic (Dreadball, Deadzone...) y en apenas 4 minutos han conseguido su objetivo.
Dungeon saga, del que poco se ha podido ver, puede ser un nuevo bombazo de los chicos de Notthingam, que apuestan en esta ocasión por un Dungeon Crawler.
Veremos si consiguen transmitirnos las buenas sensaciones de  los clásicos pasadizos y laberínticas mazmorras en las profundidades.

Dungeon Saga is a classic adventure board game where mighty heroes battle evil monsters in a tight and twisting fantasy dungeon!

CURRENT STRETCH GOAL: $200,000 Legendary Heroes of Dolgarth!

Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest is the dungeon adventure board game for 2-5 players, ages 13 and up, written by Jake Thornton and produced by Mantic Games.
Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King's Quest Prototype
Set in the Dwarfen Hold of Dolgarth, one player will take on the role of Mortibris and command the Undead in a battle against mighty heroes. These adventurers can be split between up to 4 players, or led by just one. You’ll use the simple rules to play through the game’s exciting scenarios, before eventually facing off against the Necromancer in a final showdown!
Once you've played through the story, pick up and play with the Adventurer's Companion - a tome of Advanced Rules that introduces elements of classic roleplaying to your adventures!
The game is designed for both beginners, who are exploring their first dungeon, all the way up to veteran adventurers with many quests completed. 
All figures supplied unpainted, painted examples for reference only. No assembly required.

Gameplay Features:

- 2-5 Players: Battle against an opponent or band together with your family or local club members and fight the forces of darkness together!
- Ready-to-play right out of the box: Coloured plastic miniatures like you would find in Mars Attacks - The Miniatures Game or the Gears of War Board Game come ready-built so that you can get gaming straight away. All of the stats and rules you need to play are immediately available on simple character mats and the deck of equipment cards.
- Modular Dungeon: Quest through Dolgarth in awesome detail using the full colour, gridded dungeon tiles. There is also dungeon furniture such as chests where you can acquire magical potions, scrolls and more. Follow our simple maps or create your own!
- Innovative Dice-Driven Fun: Fight through swathes of Zombies or control the necromatic powers of Mortibris and empower your minions to victory, combat and magic is based on a very simple system that uses six-sided dice. Enhance your game and wield magical items, cast powerful spells and perform incredible heroic feats as you combat the magic of the Necromancer and their deadly Dungeon Master deck.
- Narrative Driven Scenarios: From the first few missions where you'll learn the basic mechanics to the game, to sprawling dungeons overrun with regenerating Undead, the game's narrative-heavy scenarios gradually get harder as you progress, introducing new rules and powerful enemies, increasing the challenge and the fun for veterans of the genre or players new to gaming!
- The Adventure Grows!: Want to take your game further? Use the Advanced Rules to build your own epic Dungeon Saga! No quest need ever be the same.
Each modular dungeon tile is made of durable thick card to withstand the rigors of gaming and the fury of battle.
Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King's Quest is nearly ready to go into production and with your help we can fund the tooling the miniatures, finish the rules and even upgrade the components!
In return for pledging your support and helping to make this a reality, we are offering one great-value-for-money pledge level. With further funding, we hope to unlock many moreFREE extras in your pledge level too.
The Dungeon Master level gets you the Dungeon Saga game, the Adventurer’s Companion, and an exclusive signed art print. You will get special missions, a Short Story, and all 6 original scenarios from Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising, remastered using the new DKQ mechanics – all contained in your own Kickstarter Exclusive Dungeon Journal. Also included is Keldan Aury’mtor, a finely detailed hero figure exclusive to this Kickstarter, and any applicable stretch goals we unlock!
Standard shipping to UK and US backers is free.
If you would like to back this project and are based in the EU, please add $10 to your pledge total.
If you would like to back this project and are based in Canada, please add $15 to your pledge total.
If you would like to back this project and are based in the rest of the world, including Australia, please add $25 to your pledge total.
All backers have the option of tracked courier shipping. This costs $15 on top of any shipping costs above. Therefore, to have their shipment sent by tracked courier, a US backer would pay $15, and a Spanish backer would pay a total of $25.
Courier shipping is mandatory for all backers from Africa or South America, so you must add a total of $40 for shipping if you live in one of these continents.

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