03 febrero 2012

FFG saca a la venta en USA, Wiz-War

FFG ha puesto a la venta en USA, Wiz-War, juego al que muchos esperamos que Edge, se digne a distribuir en nuestro país.
Cruzamos los dedos, para que las próximas semanas,  nos alegren, con lo que seria una estupenda noticia.
En otro orden de cosas, la noticia viene acompañada con unas estupendas imágenes, en donde por fin podemos ver el tablero en todo su esplendor.
Además de un fantástico vídeo-promocional, para ponernos los dientes largos, en resumen, el tipo de cosas que sabe hacer muy bien FFG.

Deep underground in a magical maze, mages race through shifting corridors, casting spells and testing their wiles as they seek to steal their rivals’ treasures. Why? Wiz-War has begun!
You can now find Fantasy Flight Games’ inspired new version of this classic board game of magical mayhem on sale at your favorite local retailer and online on our webstore.
Mages in a maze
In Wiz-War two to four players assume the roles of rival mages seeking to win an esteemed magical competition. You score points by snagging rivals’ treasures and hauling them back to your base, or by blasting your foes with the final, telling blows that fell them. The first to score two points wins. Of course, if you’re the last wizard standing, victory is yours.
Interactions as involved as your imagination
While all wizards who enter the labyrinth can recite their cantrips backward and forward, it takes a malleable imagination to master the myriad combinations of incantations the game can yield. Spells each belong to one of four types–attacks, counters, items, and neutrals. Each spell also belongs to one of seven schools of magic which the players combine to form a spell deck. From this assortment of arcane invocations, you can weave sorcerous strategies to assail your foes.
Mixing the schools of magic in your spell deck allows you constant discovery of new interactions between different spells and schools of magic. Fire magic can destroy magic stones, but a well-timed flood can put out the sparks of flame before they consume precious items.
Will you focus on the mastery of form and eat through walls to create shortcuts to your opponents’ treasures, or will you pour your energy into pure boom and blast your opponents to bits? You’ll need to keep an open mind to respond to your rivals machinations. Flexibility and adaptability are also hallmarks of true magical prowess.
Gaze into my crystal ball
Get ready to Zot! Sneak a glimpse at the themes and components of Wiz-War in the new video trailer.

Click to view the video teaser trailer (QuickTime, 12.4 MB). Also available on the FFG Media Player and YouTube.
Launch into a world of wild wizardry with the magical mayhem of Wiz-War. This classic board game is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore. Summon your copy today!

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