26 marzo 2012

FFG actualiza la aplicación Elder Sign Omens para Android y Apple.

FFG nos informa que esta a punto de salir al mercado la actualización 1.1, de la variante del juego Elder Sign, para tabletas y teléfonos móviles.
En ella parece que encontraremos nuevos investigadores, monstruos y aventuras que darán mucha más vida a un juego, ya de por si muy divertido y que en mi opinión supera al de mesa.

It’s been a month since the great earthquake shook the Pacific Rim. While reports of the devastation have been bleak, I suspect the tremor is the cause of something far more sinister. Perhaps some primordial instinct of survival prods me to see patterns of malign intent where none exist. Yet a strange sequence of events has crept to my attention. Buried in the back pages of newspapers are stories of strange incidents along our coasts... of mysterious burglaries at waterfront buildings. There is a pattern to these events, I know it. One that creeps methodically inland. They search for something; something I suspect that resides within our museum. But what? And why does their intent fill me with dread?
Coming soon, version 1.1 of Elder Sign: Omens introduces a host of new gameplay options while simultaneously ensuring an even more streamlined user experience! This comprehensive update will release first for iOS, followed shortly thereafter by updates for the Android and Mac OS X platforms.
What’s coming in version 1.1?
For players unfamiliar with this engaging digital application,Elder Sign: Omens is based on Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson’s popular dice game, and it allows players to build the perfect team of up to four intrepid Investigators as they work to prevent humanity’s destruction. All sixteen of the game’s unique Investigators stand ready to face these otherworldly horrors (with unlockable bonus Investigators now available); control up to four of them in your own solo game, or “pass and play” with your friends.
At no cost, the upcoming version 1.1 update introduces exciting never-before-seen options, including an all-new campaign against Yig, the Father of Serpents, as well as access to new monsters, adventures, and more. For players who want to add an even greater challenge, however, a newly available in-app purchase will take your investigators to the Pacific Rim, where they’ll face off against the ultimate entity of cosmic malevolence, Cthulhu himself!

In the treacherous waters of the Pacific, a new item type will
be key to combating the evil of Cthulhu. Click to enlarge.
Read on for an overview of the updates included in this free download, followed by a description of “The Call of Cthulhu,” Elder Sign Omens' terrifying new in-app purchase.

New Yig-themed adventures like Hidden Threat pit your investigators against the minions of the father of serpents. Click to enlarge.
The only cost will be your sanity
Yig, an ancient serpentine deity that seeks only to poison the world with his malice, has sent his minions slithering into the shadowed corners of the Arkham museum. Can you muster the courage to uncover his foul plot?
Along with fixes for minor technical issues and a reduced memory requirement for increased performance, the free update to version 1.1 will feature an all-new Yig campaign. This venomous foe presents a less challenging alternative to Azathoth.
Face off against Yig while mixing in five new custom Yig monsters and four new serpent-themed adventures! Version 1.1 will also include, at no cost, a new unlockable Investigator as your reward for defeating Azathoth. While we won’t spoil this bonus investigator’s identity here, we will say this: she’s particularly adept at avoiding damage.
Journey to the Pacific Rim
Looking for an even greater challenge? Version 1.1 will also features the option to download Elder Sign: Omens’ first ever in-app purchase, “The Call of Cthulhu.” This new campaign presents a challenging two-part narrative, along with new adventures, items, Investigators, monsters, and game mechanics!

Left: Stage two of “The Call of Cthulhu” sends your Investigators to the Pacific Rim,
where they must search for the lost city of R’lyeh and prevent the rising of Cthulhu.
Right: Introduced in “The Call of Cthulhu, “Entry Effects” punish Investigators for entering an adventure.
Click either image to enlarge.
Beginning in the familiar setting of Arkham’s foremost museum, your team will search for clues surrounding an ominous pattern of break-ins that plague their troubled New England city. Something is compelling inhuman intruders to steal ancient relics from the museum’s mysterious exhibits, and only by determining their true motives (a feat abstractly represented by the collection of seven Elder Signs), can you move on to the game’s second stage. But can you learn the truth before your enemies complete their terrible objective?

Once you’ve journeyed to the South Pacific, your objective changes. As you complete adventures,
drag any spare investigation glyphs to the investigation icon on the right side of the screen.
When you’ve allocated 30 investigation glyphs to this requirement, you’ll
trigger the game’s exciting conclusion. Click to enlarge.
Should your team survive the campaign’s first grueling chapter, their search will lead them to the South Pacific, the fabled location of the lost city of R'lyeh. From the deck of the merchant steamer Ultima Thule and armed only with an antediluvian amulet of unknown origins, you must quickly search for R’lyeh’s true location... so that you might prevent the coming of Cthulhu and the utter destruction of humanity.
A free update, plus an available in-app purchase
To sum up, what can you expect with the Elder Sign: Omens version 1.1 update?
The free v1.1 update brings:
  • An exciting Yig campaign
  • Five new Yig monsters and four Yig adventures
  • An unlockable investigator (after defeating Azathoth)
  • Performance improvements and other technical fixes
The in-app purchase offers:
  • "The Call of Cthulhu," a new campaign
  • 30 brand new adventures, four new Investigators, and 12 new monsters
  • New inventory items, a new map, and new game mechanics
  • An unlockable investigator (after defeating Cthulhu)
Check back often; we’ll announce the official release of this exciting update soon!

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