30 mayo 2012

Los chicos de AEG "regalan" versión Print&Play de ThunderStone.

Los chicos de AEG, se han vuelto "generosos", y nos regalan en versión Print & Play, todas las cartas del set básico, en su versión ThunderStone Advance.
Las podéis encontrar en un archivo de aproximadamente 25 megas.
ThunderStone, es un juego de construcción de mazos tematizado muy divertido y que realmente vale mucho la pena.
Personalmente me gusta mucho más que Dominion y en su versión de Facebook es realmente adictivo, lástima que esta un tanto "capado" y tampoco hay excesivos jugadores para echarse una partida de vez en cuando, aun así muy recomendable.

Download Thunderstone Print and Play

Earlier this year, we had a lot of success releasing our new set of Legend of the Five Rings cards in an introductory print and play. Fans loved being able to download tournament legal card sets.
We loved it too. We loved it so much, we brought it back–for Thunderstone.
Now for the first time, you can download the heroes, monsters, and village cards from the first Thunderstone set, the one that started it all, absolutely FREE. Download the promo sheet and get started here.

These cards are updated to the Thunderstone Advance standard, and the art has been “remastered” for this print and play edition. Check out more samples under the jump!

We included the basic decks from Thunderstone Advance as well, so when you download the rules, there’s no confusion. Just print, cut, sleeve, and play. You can mix them seamlessly with your Towers of Ruin cards, and with Caverns of Bane coming out in July. (We’ll start previewing those in a week or two!)
Don’t have Towers of Ruin yet? Just in case that slipepd by you somehow, we put a coupon in the download as well. Get 10% off if you order it from the AEG online store with the special code inside!
Note: We know that the URL for the Facebook game is incorrect, but the link takes you to the right place. We’ll get that fixed after the Memorial Day holiday. Oh, you didn’t know about Thunderstone on Facebook? Check back next week for more details… or just login to Facebook and play now!

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  1. Tengo bastantes ganas de probarlo.

    Por si no lo sabes en yucata.de también se puede jugar online.

  2. Si lo se, lo estuve mirando, pero no llegué a probarlo, a ver si le dedico un tiempo.