16 marzo 2012

ThunderStone Advance ya esta a la venta.

La nueva versión del deck builder con tintes fantásticos ThunderStone ya esta disponible en tiendas.
Eso si, de momento y sin novedades en el frente, solo de importación o en tiendas online.
Se desconoce si Edge, los encargados de distribuir en nuestro país, la edición en castellano de la anterior versión, no han comentado si tienen interés en continuar con el título.
Si todavía no sabes que ofrece de nuevo esta versión, puedes descargarte las reglas en la página de AEG.

Thunderstone On Sale!

When we first announced Thunderstone Advance in January, people weren’t sure about this new game… they liked Thunderstone already. Weren’t we just messing with a good thing?
After unanimously positive reviews and a successful Level Up pre-release week, a majority of fans agreed, yes we were messing with a good thing. And we made it better!
Thunderstone Advance has been called a “superior play experience” and “streamlined, easier to learn, [with] lots of cool upgrades.”
Now, find out for yourself how good Thunderstone has become. Whether you’ve been playing since the first set, or just want to know what all the excitement is about, Thunderstone Advance: Towers of Ruin is on sale! Buy it from your local game retailer today!

Then, starting next week, March 19, the Avatar mini-expansion goes on sale.
Avatars are cards that represent you, the Champion. You bring your own strengths and skills to the game, depending on your class and level. Wired Magazine’s Geekdad says this mini-expansion, “adds another layer of role-playing and strategy to the game, and they can even be used with the original series of games and expansions, too.”
We gave Avatars away with purchase during Level Up week. But if you couldn’t make it to a pre-release event, you can still buy them in our online store. Look for them in the Alderac store next week! Until then, here’s a taste of the cards, the thief avatar:

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